Can You Carry This For Me?

3 thoughts on “Can You Carry This For Me?”

  1. Good words, lady. No intimacy without vulnerability and shared burdens. I don’t know where Christians get these other crazy ideas from.

  2. Katie,
    So true about….. “but it cannot come at the expense of your own health, emotional or otherwise.”
    We are called to help when God calls us to do so. But I have seen first-hand when people find their identity in “helping” others, neglecting the still, small voice telling them it’s not their job to help at that particular moment. And I have seen others offer good and wise councel to someone in need only to have it ignored or even the unwillingness to receive the truth for the situation. Those particular individuals seem to grow comfortable in their own unhealthy issues.
    Keep up the good work with your writing. I am always inspired by your God-given wisdom.
    Kate Dolan

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