How to do Thanksgiving in “Trump’s America”

3 thoughts on “How to do Thanksgiving in “Trump’s America””

  1. I like the sister post! Too often we think that we should just not discuss politics when the family gathers together for the holidays, but you two make a good case for talking about it with care.

    However, I would add that relationship, as always, is the key when deciding whether or not to talk about a touchy subject with relatives. If a relationship with a relative is fractured or distant as opposed to whole and close, and you know that you hold very different beliefs from that relative, it might not be appropriate to try to engage them in such contentious topics during family gatherings. Maybe instead you have an opportunity to model what you believe and build up that relationship.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dear Katie and Lora, I know and have lived within the gift of love from your (our) family since 1973. We survive and prosper in all things because of that gift. Yes, I believe you have, once again, made your mom proud

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